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Sandhya provides powerful Energy healing treatments that release energy blockages experienced after traumatic or stressful events. If this suppressed energy is not released it may create a blockage in the overall energy flow of the body. Sandhya provides Chakra balancing to maintain the flow of the energy in the body. She believes in effectively helping her clients solve numerous physical, mental and emotional problems. Sandhya is also a practitioner of past life regression and can help heal 

woundings from past lives. 

Hours 6pm -10pm weekdays and 10am to 10pm weekends

 $150.00 for one hour session 

Sandhya is also certified in healing body massage or specific parts of the body - for example leg or neck or full body massage. 

 Facial massage and Indian head massage. 

0425 236 841

email: [email protected]

Healing sessions are conducted from South Wentworthville (near Parramatta)

Distant healing (Remote) is available for all treatments

Please call, text or email for appointment