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to  Anubian Life

Situated in the Illawarra region at 

99 Wentworth Street, Port Kembla NSW - 02 4200 9926

It started as a simple dream, a vision of unification and family, spiritual family. Natasha and Rick spoke of this when they first met, their visions & hopes of what could be and their desires. A spiritual sanctuary for themselves and their family both of blood or soul could gather and collaborate their energetic gifts and creations to provide to the public at reasonable rates, so that those who need it could afford it, a place where spiritual minded people could come and meet up, share and heal at or be healed together. 12 months later after many lessons learnt and beautiful souls met one morning a series of events and synchronicity of all led to them being where they were when they were meant to be and low and behold ANUBIAN LIFE was born !  

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