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Spiritual Healer/Reiki & Aura Cleanse

Hello, I am Maria & I am a Spiritual Healer that uses Reiki and Aura Cleansing to heal and bring balance back into your life. Reiki assists your body’s self-healing ability, releases toxins and supports your immune system. It opens your Chakras so that they can take in positive energy and bring harmony & balance to your physical & emotional body and spirit. I see Aura’s & colours around people and work with your aura when doing healings. This strengthens your energy field and removes any negativity. My healings assist with Spiritual growth, emotional healing and promotes a natural balance between mind, body & spirit.  

$60 for a 30 minute healing ~ $90 for a 60 minute healing

Healing sessions are conducted from Chipping Norton - Sydney NSW

Please call, text or email for appointment 0402 363 472

Love & Light...Maria

[email protected]